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"Diana and the Moon - title unknown"
Medium Date Framed Size Image Size
Oil Pastel/Ink 1973 21-1/4"H x 21-1/4"W 12-5/8" Diameter
From Michael Babcock, ”There is a moon in almost every piece Susan painted, with a very few exceptions. Susan said "It’s almost like a signature. It felt that when I put the moon in that it was finished. Sort of like a stamp.”   In this piece, the moon is a more prominent feature, with the figure of a woman growing out of the very ground itself and presenting an offering that begins to encircle the moon. Susan has gifted us with such lovely details – the purple tree bordering the outside, the delicate forest in the lower right and the slight figure of a deer. Swatches of color delight the eye. Susan loved flowing hair and in this beautiful example integrates the clouds still present in the night sky."

Diana is often considered to be a goddess associated with fertility, childbirth and protection of women during labor. This mythology probably arose as an extension of Diana's association with the moon.

This original work has been re-framed with an antiqued gilt custom wood frame. Triple-matted with linen mats. Acid-free materials throughout and re-glazed with, conservation clear, Tru-Vue, UV protective glass. Signed by Susan Seddon-Boulet lower-right. Dated Nov 73.

Opening Offer: $2,000 USD Current High Offer: $3,300 USD High Bidder: dh*****19
Tuesday, May 17, 202210:52:12 AM$3,300.00dh****19
Tuesday, May 17, 202212:07:17 PM$3,300.00dh****19
Tuesday, May 17, 202212:07:17 PM$3,250.00bl****no
Tuesday, May 17, 202212:07:08 PM$3,200.00dh****19
Tuesday, May 17, 202212:07:08 PM$3,150.00bl****no
Tuesday, May 17, 202212:06:56 PM$3,100.00dh****19
Tuesday, May 17, 202212:06:56 PM$3,050.00bl****no
Tuesday, May 17, 202212:06:29 PM$3,000.00dh****19
Tuesday, May 17, 202212:06:29 PM$2,950.00bl****no
Saturday, May 07, 20224:43:23 AM$2,850.00bl****no
Saturday, May 07, 20224:42:23 AM$2,800.00bl****no
Friday, May 06, 20226:58:12 PM$2,800.00dl****20
Saturday, May 07, 20224:42:05 AM$2,750.00DL****20
Saturday, May 07, 20224:42:05 AM$2,700.00bl****no
Saturday, May 07, 20224:41:51 AM$2,650.00DL****20
Saturday, May 07, 20224:41:51 AM$2,600.00bl****no
Saturday, May 07, 20224:17:31 AM$2,550.00DL****20
Saturday, May 07, 20224:17:31 AM$2,500.00eh****oj
Saturday, May 07, 20224:17:27 AM$2,450.00DL****20
Saturday, May 07, 20224:17:27 AM$2,400.00eh****oj
Saturday, May 07, 20224:17:22 AM$2,350.00DL****20
Saturday, May 07, 20224:17:22 AM$2,300.00eh****oj
Saturday, May 07, 20224:17:14 AM$2,250.00DL****20
Saturday, May 07, 20224:17:14 AM$2,200.00eh****oj
Saturday, May 07, 20224:16:51 AM$2,150.00DL****20
Saturday, May 07, 20224:16:51 AM$2,100.00eh****oj
Monday, May 02, 20225:33:56 PM$2,000.00eh****oj
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