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"Southern Cross"
Medium Date Framed Size Image Size
Monotype Oil Pastel/Ink 1996 32-5/8"H x 24-3/8"W 23-3/4"H x 15-1/2"W
From Michael Babcock,” Susan was born and grew up in Brazil, emigrating to the U.S. when she was twenty-six. She retained a deep love for the country, but didn’t paint that many pieces with a Brazilian theme because, as she said, “I find that when I’m in another country I can’t really do my Brazilian images so well, I’m not connected.” This piece grew out of a trip to Brazil in September 1995. It is a monotype-mix, an initial monotype in ink with the later addition of oil pastel and ink to provide added detail. Talking of the monotypes she said: “Working with the monotypes allows me to play... more than it is a change of style. I can work with it very quickly and I don’t have to expect anything from it, so it provides for me the element of play, which frees me to do things more spontaneously. . . with the monotype it moves very quickly and, whatever the image is, it’s very fresh, very immediate. . . . I like that freedom.”

Susan has so beautifully captured the warm, gentle and penetrating eyes of this impressive cat. Within the star-filled sky, the constellation is represented by the group of stars below the Jaguars chin. Throughout history the Southern Cross has guided travelers, intrigued astronomers and inspired poets, artists and musicians. Stars morph into bubbles and “drip” the feathers from the edge of the central image as the moon glistens off a body of still water. A powerful and monumental piece.

This original work has been re-framed with an antiqued and silvered custom wood frame. Archival double-matted with a linen top mat. Acid-free materials throughout and re-glazed with Museum, conservation, Tru-Vue, UV protective glass. Signed, titled and dated in pencil by Susan Seddon-Boulet at the bottom. Dated 96.

Opening Offer: $4,200 USD Current High Offer: $15,200 USD High Bidder: ra*****27
Monday, May 30, 20226:48:37 PM$15,200.00ra****27
Tuesday, May 31, 20226:49:58 PM$15,200.00ra****27
Tuesday, May 31, 20226:49:58 PM$15,150.00na****ol
Tuesday, May 31, 20221:55:27 PM$15,100.00ra****27
Tuesday, May 31, 20221:55:27 PM$15,050.00na****ol
Tuesday, May 31, 20221:55:11 PM$14,100.00ra****27
Tuesday, May 31, 20221:55:11 PM$14,050.00na****ol
Tuesday, May 31, 20221:53:20 PM$12,100.00ra****27
Tuesday, May 31, 20221:53:20 PM$12,050.00na****ol
Tuesday, May 31, 20221:52:58 PM$10,100.00ra****27
Tuesday, May 31, 20221:52:58 PM$10,050.00na****ol
Sunday, May 22, 20228:35:34 AM$7,650.00na****ol
Sunday, May 22, 20228:31:57 PM$7,050.00na****ol
Sunday, May 22, 20228:31:57 PM$7,000.00so****aw
Sunday, May 22, 20228:16:40 PM$6,950.00na****ol
Sunday, May 22, 20228:16:40 PM$6,900.00so****aw
Sunday, May 22, 20228:15:43 PM$6,850.00na****ol
Sunday, May 22, 20228:15:43 PM$6,800.00so****aw
Sunday, May 22, 20228:14:57 PM$6,750.00na****ol
Sunday, May 22, 20228:14:57 PM$6,700.00so****aw
Sunday, May 22, 20228:13:44 PM$6,650.00na****ol
Sunday, May 22, 20228:13:44 PM$6,600.00so****aw
Sunday, May 22, 20228:10:46 PM$6,550.00na****ol
Sunday, May 22, 20228:10:46 PM$6,500.00so****aw
Sunday, May 22, 20228:09:33 PM$6,450.00na****ol
Sunday, May 22, 20228:09:33 PM$6,400.00so****aw
Sunday, May 22, 20228:08:43 PM$6,350.00na****ol
Sunday, May 22, 20228:08:43 PM$6,300.00so****aw
Sunday, May 22, 20228:07:58 PM$6,250.00na****ol
Sunday, May 22, 20228:07:58 PM$6,200.00so****aw
Sunday, May 22, 20228:07:14 PM$6,150.00na****ol
Sunday, May 22, 20228:07:14 PM$6,100.00so****aw
Sunday, May 22, 20228:06:27 PM$6,050.00na****ol
Sunday, May 22, 20228:06:27 PM$6,000.00so****aw
Sunday, May 22, 20228:05:34 PM$5,950.00na****ol
Sunday, May 22, 20228:05:34 PM$5,900.00so****aw
Sunday, May 22, 20228:04:40 PM$5,850.00na****ol
Sunday, May 22, 20228:04:40 PM$5,800.00so****aw
Sunday, May 22, 20228:03:57 PM$5,750.00na****ol
Sunday, May 22, 20228:03:57 PM$5,700.00so****aw
Sunday, May 22, 20228:03:33 PM$5,650.00na****ol
Sunday, May 22, 20228:03:33 PM$5,600.00so****aw
Sunday, May 22, 20228:03:04 PM$5,550.00na****ol
Sunday, May 22, 20228:03:04 PM$5,500.00so****aw
Sunday, May 22, 20228:02:24 PM$5,450.00na****ol
Sunday, May 22, 20228:02:24 PM$5,400.00so****aw
Sunday, May 22, 20228:01:41 PM$5,350.00na****ol
Sunday, May 22, 20228:01:41 PM$5,300.00so****aw
Sunday, May 22, 20228:01:00 PM$5,250.00na****ol
Sunday, May 22, 20228:01:00 PM$5,200.00so****aw
Sunday, May 22, 20228:00:29 PM$5,150.00na****ol
Sunday, May 22, 20228:00:29 PM$5,100.00so****aw
Tuesday, May 03, 20221:00:38 AM$5,000.00so****aw
Tuesday, May 17, 20223:11:10 PM$4,300.00So****aw
Tuesday, May 17, 20223:11:10 PM$4,250.00na****ol

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