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Medium Date Framed Size Image Size
Monotype - Ink 1992 32-5/8"H x 24-1/8"W 23-3/4"H x 15-1/2"W
From Michael Babcock, “In 1992, a good friend of Susan’s suggested that she try monotype printing, where the artist works in reverse with inks on a glass or plastic plate. The plate is then transferred onto paper, creating the only example of the original background art. Using various techniques of scratching, scraping and stippling Susan reworked the inks to create detail and the desired effects. The techniques used to create the detail remind us of the way Susan previously worked to create detail in the 1970’s. The whimsically titled Whoo! is a result of the first session; it makes use of strong contrast and interesting textures. Susan was so excited about these sessions because she felt it allowed her to play. The process forced her to work quickly because of the nature of the ink and she could no longer work a piece as intensively as she could with the oil pastels. She later added oil pastel to most of the monotypes; this is one of only four straight ink monotypes that she ever offered for sale.”

The long tail feathers are reminiscent of the Northern Hawk Owl, but in our conversations with Susan, she stated that she often incorporated other forms and faces into one creature. A very powerful and contemplative work.

This original work has been re-framed with an antiqued custom wood frame. Archival double-matted with a linen top mat. Acid-free materials throughout and re-glazed with Museum conservation Tru-Vue UV protective glass. Signed, and dated in pencil by Susan Seddon-Boulet at the bottom. Dated 1992.

Opening Offer: $3,200 USD Current High Offer: $4,150 USD High Bidder: be*****k1
Wednesday, June 01, 20227:38:11 PM$4,150.00be****k1
Saturday, May 28, 20227:53:27 AM$4,100.00dh****19
Friday, May 27, 20229:05:43 PM$3,900.00be****k1
Saturday, May 07, 20221:06:02 PM$3,700.00dl****20
Monday, May 02, 20229:21:02 PM$3,200.00wh****iz

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