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Turning Point Gallery
34 West State St. / Media, PA 19063
Telephone:  610-565-8176      e-mail: info@turningpointgallery.com

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Gicleé Collection
Shield of East and West
Image Size 21-1/4"H x 16-3/8"W
Star Bear
Image Size 12-1/4"H x 9-1/8"W
Wolf is Coyote's Brother
Image Size 13-1/4"H x 11-1/4"W
Dance of Relationship
Image Size 15-3/8"H x 18"W
Dream Catcher
Image Size 14"H x 11-1/2"W
Jaguar Woman
Image Size 16-1/2"H x 14-1/8"W
Language of Dreams
Image Size 17-1/2"H x 12-1/8"W
Wolf/Fox Totem
14-3/8H x 9-1/2W
White Shell Woman
17"H x 15-3/4"W
New Eden Totem
Image Size 15-1/4"H x 10-3/4"W
Beauty and the Beast
16H x 20-1/8W
Image Size 13-1/4"H x 18"W
Buffalo Woman
Image Size 17-1/2"H x 11-5/8"W
Image Size 16"H x 12-1/2"W
Image Size 14-1/2"H x 11"W
Dream Journal
Image Size 18"H x 12-1/4"W
Triple Goddess
Image Size 18"H x 16-3/4"W
Leo Moon
Image Size 16"H x 8-3/8"W
Midnight Sun
Image Size 19-1/8"H x 15-1/8"W
Calling the Allies
Image Size 19-7/8"H x 16"W
Image Size 9-5/8"H x 15-1/2"W
Image Size 18-1/2"H x 14"W
Turquoise Ladder
Image Size 21-3/4"H x 19-5/8"W
Seven Moons Passing
Image Size 16-3/8"H x 14-3/4"W
Raven Woman
Image Size 18"H x 12-1/2"W
Persephone and Demeter
Image Size 12"H x 10"W
Image Size 14-1/4"H x 8-5/8"W
Heart of the Jaguar
Image Size 15"H x 7-1/2"W
Ancestors of the North
Image Size 19" H x 15" W
Image Size 15-1/8" H x 21" W
The Secret
Image Size 12"H x 20"W
Image Size 17"H x 13-1/2"W
Playing with the North Wind
Image Size 14-1/4"H x 22"W
1987 Offset Lithographs
Shaman / I Heard the Owl Call My Name
Image Size 19-7/8"H x 18"W
Dream Basket
Image Size 13-3/8"H x 11"W
Reindeer People
Image Size 16"H x 11-1/2"W
Grandfather Wolf and His Lightning Stick
Image Size 16-3/4"H x 9-7/8"W
Saint Germain
Image Size 24"H x 20"W

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